Sunday, October 7, 2007

"The Real Kramer"

NEW YORK --- Channel surfers can always find a re-run of the ever-hilarious “Seinfeld” playing somewhere in TV Land.
Which is why the brightly-colored bus carrying giggling passengers on “The Kramer Reality Tour” could keep traveling the streets of Manhattan forever.
Your effervescent host is the ‘real Kramer’, first name Kenny, who is as wild and wacky as his TV counterpart Cosmo, played to Emmy-winning perfection by actor Michael Richards.
Yes, indeed, this is the ‘real’ Kramer who is still busy showing fans the origins for the TV comedy based on the real-life antics of Kenny and his friend Larry. The “Kramer Reality Tour”, at $39.50 per person, is a must for anyone who watches the show. Rabid ‘Seinfeld’ fan or occasional viewer, this is likely the most fun you will ever have on any three-hour tour. What better way to tour through the Big Apple than with an experienced guide, a celebrity and a former mayoralty candidate (he decided campaigning was just too much work) all rolled into one. Oh, and did I mention all-round character? Get ready to meet Kramer!
Every Saturday and Sunday, at Noon, a small group gathers at The Producers Club Theater on West 44th Street where Kenny and his buddy Bobby Allen Brooks introduce you to the background of Larry, Kenny, various unnamed friends and their years of fun-filled ‘nothing’ that spawned TV’s “Seinfeld”.
Contact: Kramer.

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