Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Eat! Drink! Barbados!"

Somewhere in the interior, Barbados, West Indies --- Whap, crunch and thud. My stomach lodged firmly in my throat as our jeep hit yet another mud hole at the bottom of yet another perpendicular goat trail somewhere in the middle of this Island.
Well, it certainly felt like a sheer drop to those of us who avoid roller coasters like the plague.
Others though were laughing merrily, just bouncing along, waiting for the upcoming libations at one of Barbados’ ubiquitous Rum Shops scattered throughout our off-roading (actually, make that ‘no’ road) Foursquare Rum tour.
According to Aaron, our most cheerful kamikaze Island Safari pilot – er, driver – Barbados boasts a church for every day of the year. Yup, 365. Their other claim to fame is the more than 1,600 Rum Shops scattered throughout the island. Sounds like an old song: “One day of praying and six nights of fun…”

This was actually a fabulous introduction (motion sickness be darned!) to Barbados as our group joined three other Island Safari jeeps for a day long 100 km trek through the flora and fauna of uninhabited interior rain forests to the inviting Rum Shops along picturesque coastal towns.

Our merry band of jeep-jostled explorers had all gathered to attend the 3rd annual ‘Eat! Drink! Barbados festival of culinary delights, cocktail concoctions and samplings of wine.
Contact: Barbados Tourism.

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