Sunday, March 8, 2009

"The Best Job in the World"

By now everyone has heard about the fabulous promotion by Tourism Queensland for “The Best Job in the World” – a six month gig as caretaker on Hamilton Island. Of course I had to apply. (Didn’t you?). The job application was a 60-second video. Tourism Queensland had a total of 34,653 applications from 200 countries during the seven week competition. Alas, I didn’t make the cut for the Top 50. But I still think I submitted a good, fun and informative video. Check it out on You Tube. (Director Donald Nausbaum. Editor and Sound Effects by Nicholas Nausbaum.)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chef Anthony turns Port Dover into the Culinary Capital of SW Ontario

Chef Anthony Stingo, along with wife Mary Anne Billinghurst, has been slowly transforming the tastes of Lake Erie's premier beach town for the past several years. Long known (and justifiably so) for its perch platters, as well as footlong hotdogs and golden fries, Chef Anthony added a touch of urban 'foodies' class two years ago when he opened his fine food store Imaginations. He operates a grill and stove only - no fryers allowed! Tony builds huge deli sandwiches from his fresh foods display and creates signatures salads (MaryAnne Potato Salad, Thai Shrimp) as well as his fruit-stuffed Pork Tenderloin or flash-frozen four Cheese Lasagna for cottagers who don't need to waste their holidays preparing dinner. Next time you are cruising down to Port Dover, make sure you stop at Imaginations, a combination old-world deli and friendly neighbourhood meeting place. Contact: Imaginations Fine Food. 301 Main Street, Port Dover.

Thomas Cook Traveller's Guide to Ontario and Quebec

And now for some shameless self-promotion. The newest guidebook series, by England's international travel experts Thomas Cook (the world's first travel agent), is known as the "Thomas Cook Traveller's Guide to......". The latest title to be released is "Ontario and Quebec" by this blog's author, Steve Veale, and Travel Photographer Donald Nausbaum. The 176-page book, filled with glossy photos, illustrations and maps, covers the highlights of the two provinces; a selected choice of 'top ten' sights in the major centres, where to stay, what to eat.
Look for it soon at any bookstore. Enjoy. (sv)

"The Real Kramer"

NEW YORK --- Channel surfers can always find a re-run of the ever-hilarious “Seinfeld” playing somewhere in TV Land.
Which is why the brightly-colored bus carrying giggling passengers on “The Kramer Reality Tour” could keep traveling the streets of Manhattan forever.
Your effervescent host is the ‘real Kramer’, first name Kenny, who is as wild and wacky as his TV counterpart Cosmo, played to Emmy-winning perfection by actor Michael Richards.
Yes, indeed, this is the ‘real’ Kramer who is still busy showing fans the origins for the TV comedy based on the real-life antics of Kenny and his friend Larry. The “Kramer Reality Tour”, at $39.50 per person, is a must for anyone who watches the show. Rabid ‘Seinfeld’ fan or occasional viewer, this is likely the most fun you will ever have on any three-hour tour. What better way to tour through the Big Apple than with an experienced guide, a celebrity and a former mayoralty candidate (he decided campaigning was just too much work) all rolled into one. Oh, and did I mention all-round character? Get ready to meet Kramer!
Every Saturday and Sunday, at Noon, a small group gathers at The Producers Club Theater on West 44th Street where Kenny and his buddy Bobby Allen Brooks introduce you to the background of Larry, Kenny, various unnamed friends and their years of fun-filled ‘nothing’ that spawned TV’s “Seinfeld”.
Contact: Kramer.

"Eat! Drink! Barbados!"

Somewhere in the interior, Barbados, West Indies --- Whap, crunch and thud. My stomach lodged firmly in my throat as our jeep hit yet another mud hole at the bottom of yet another perpendicular goat trail somewhere in the middle of this Island.
Well, it certainly felt like a sheer drop to those of us who avoid roller coasters like the plague.
Others though were laughing merrily, just bouncing along, waiting for the upcoming libations at one of Barbados’ ubiquitous Rum Shops scattered throughout our off-roading (actually, make that ‘no’ road) Foursquare Rum tour.
According to Aaron, our most cheerful kamikaze Island Safari pilot – er, driver – Barbados boasts a church for every day of the year. Yup, 365. Their other claim to fame is the more than 1,600 Rum Shops scattered throughout the island. Sounds like an old song: “One day of praying and six nights of fun…”

This was actually a fabulous introduction (motion sickness be darned!) to Barbados as our group joined three other Island Safari jeeps for a day long 100 km trek through the flora and fauna of uninhabited interior rain forests to the inviting Rum Shops along picturesque coastal towns.

Our merry band of jeep-jostled explorers had all gathered to attend the 3rd annual ‘Eat! Drink! Barbados festival of culinary delights, cocktail concoctions and samplings of wine.
Contact: Barbados Tourism.