Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chef Anthony turns Port Dover into the Culinary Capital of SW Ontario

Chef Anthony Stingo, along with wife Mary Anne Billinghurst, has been slowly transforming the tastes of Lake Erie's premier beach town for the past several years. Long known (and justifiably so) for its perch platters, as well as footlong hotdogs and golden fries, Chef Anthony added a touch of urban 'foodies' class two years ago when he opened his fine food store Imaginations. He operates a grill and stove only - no fryers allowed! Tony builds huge deli sandwiches from his fresh foods display and creates signatures salads (MaryAnne Potato Salad, Thai Shrimp) as well as his fruit-stuffed Pork Tenderloin or flash-frozen four Cheese Lasagna for cottagers who don't need to waste their holidays preparing dinner. Next time you are cruising down to Port Dover, make sure you stop at Imaginations, a combination old-world deli and friendly neighbourhood meeting place. Contact: Imaginations Fine Food. 301 Main Street, Port Dover.

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Shewchuk Creative Inc. said...

An excellent and informative piece of writing... I'm heading off to Port Dover now! Good work, Steve!